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Women Film Festival in Colombia


«Woman, peace territorie»
– December  2019 –






Type of competition: International Feature Film.

Theme: Gender issues – women.

Pre-selection format: Online.

Exhibition format: digital.

Deadline: August 31, 2019.

Article I: Competition profile, FICFUSA «Hechos de Mujeres»


Fusagasugá International Film Festival (FICFUSA) aims to bring the residents of Fusagasugá and the Sumapaz region new screens, points of view and cinematographic work of high quality to promote a critical thinking around the problems and issues experienced by women. In the short term, we aim to become an international platform for gender and women thematic films, attracting producers, directors, and distributors interested in these subjects.

Article II: Date


FICFUSA will take place from December  2019.

Article III: Requirements


The International Feature Film Competition calls for audiovisuals (documentaries, fiction, animation or experimental) produced from January 2017 onwards, with a length of 45 minutes or

longer. Works should highlight gender issues such as violence against women and girls, trafficking,

ethnicity, language, tradition, children, education, identity, illness, sexuality, reproduction, abortion

and labour exploitation. Programmers might also accept new concepts if related to the main festival

topic. For the 2019 version, special attention will be paid to films aimed at children and young people.

Article IV: Language and subtitling


Spanish subtitles are mandatory for non-Spanish spoken films

Article V: Selection process and programming


FICFUSA reserves the right to select and invite films for competition and parallel screenings.

During FICFUSA, invited films and films in competition cannot be screened outside the spaces

established by the FICFUSA in the Sumapaz region.

For the pre-selection, films must be submitted in its final version in a digital copy through any online viewing platform with password (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) that will be sent by e-mail with the registration form, completed and signed by the film responsible.

Spanish subtitles are mandatory for non Spanish spoken films.

Any inscription costs are borne by the presenters and will not be returned.

The submission deadline for the International Competition «Hechos de Mujeres» is August 31, 2019. No submissions will be accepted past that date.

In case your film is selected, you will receive an e-mail invitation formalizing the film participation.

As soon as the presenter accepts the invitation, the Festival will send a new e-mail requesting required materials for the event. Once the invitation is accepted, the presenters may not retract, and they are committed to display the film in the Festival.

The exhibition formats accepted by the festival are: high quality digital format (H264, ProRes) . To ensure minimal projection quality, the film must have stereo sound tracks, even if it includes other audio distribution system.

Only Exhibition Copies will be accepted for the Festival. Under no circumstances original materials

or single copies without their corresponding backup will be accepted. The festival will no pay screening fees to the films in competition.

Article VI: Traffic

The costs associated with shipping and insurance of the participating copies shall be borne by the

participants. The return would be in charge of FICFUSA. The package is requested to be labeled

«Without commercial value, for cultural purpose only».

Article VII: Award Orquídea de los Andes

The orchid, national flower of Colombia, represents the progress of Sumapaz (where FICFUSA

takes place) because the region is linked to the cultivation of their species. It is a symbol of the

colorful natural beauty of the area. Based on this concept, prizes will be the work of a regional artist.

The main award of the contest will be an «Orquidea de los Andes» (Orchid of the Andes) for

best feature film.


In addition to this award, «Orchid of the Andes» will go to: “Women fighters” and “The Voice that Breaks the Silence”

Our intention from the FICFUSA is to recognize the work of filmmakers through their films

contributing to build the equitable society we dream.

WOMEN FIGHTER. “Orquídea de los Andes” to the film in the international feature film

competition, which highlights the work of those who fight for the defense of fundamental women

rights worldwide.

VOICE BREAKING THE SILENCE. This “Orquídea de los Andes” will go to the film, which

highlights the facts, characters or groups of women within a reality we ignored, or from an original

point of view, or a reality sidelined by the mass media. This award will acknowledge the production

team that, through their film, promotes to multiply the voices that break the silence.

Article VIII: Jury

Members of the jury will be: one international personality related to cinema, a national personality

related to cinema and a regional personality related to culture. Decisions are made by majority vote

under secret ballot. The Fusagasugá International Film Festival Directress may attend Jury deliberations, but cannot vote.

Article IX: Obligations of the winners.

Producers and directors of the films that have won awards commit to mention the award in all

advertising and press material of the film, using the Fusagasugá International Film Festival (FICFUSA) logo.

Article X: Regulation

FICFUSA reserves the right to modify this rules. In case of controversy, participants will attend to FICFUSA decisions. Registration and film submission implies acceptance of these rules.

Address and contact methods:

Festival Internacional de Cine de Fusagasugá

“Mujer territorio de paz” FICFUSA 2019

WhatsApp: +54 9 11 3773 6335